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Film to video transfer

KLA offers a specialised 'telecine' service, otherwise known as 'film to video' transfer.

Most of the cine films we transfer feature holidays or family events, company archives or film student productions and arrive in a variety of formats.

Our film transfer facilities enable the transfer of Standard 8, Super 8 and 16mm cine films (silent  or sound) to DVD/video and we can add titles and credits as well as editing out unwanted material.

All films are initially captured direct to hard disk thus avoiding the possibility of digital dropout and then copied to the format of the customer's choice. We retain the material on a digital master tape for a minimum of one year in case further copies are required.

The most popular choice of format is DVD but we can transfer to other formats on request.

We take great care with your property.

All films entrusted to us are treated with great care. Before we transfer a film we:

     - wind it through by hand and inspect for poor splices, damaged sprocket holes etc.

     - rectify any faults to ensure that it can safely be projected

     - ensure an adequate film leader protects the front of the film

     - add black spacer at the front (after the leader) and back end of the film

     - clean the film with special cleaning fluid

We have the experience.

Since the KLA film transfer service was set up in 1997 we have transferred to video tape or DVD over 70 miles of cine film. These films range from 16mm material shot in the mid 1920s to brand new Super 8 sound student films. However the bulk are Standard and Super 8 films produced between 1950 and 1980. We have at least 2 projectors of each film gauge to cater for this range of material, optimized for silent or sound films.

Advice on packaging and posting your media to send to us, can be found here.

Please e-mail telecine@klafilmvideo.co.uk for more details on technical matters and also our scale of charges.

cine film for conversion to DVD

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